What we do

What we do

We analyse consumer markets, expose structural deficits and identify consumer problems, present solutions and fight for their implementation – these are the maxims guiding our work. We act as an advocate for equal opportunities for the interests of producers and consumers.

We aim to convince with the force of our arguments and participate in the formulation of consumer policy in Germany and the European Union.

vzbv acts on five levels:

  • We advocate for legally binding rules to achieve transparent markets.
  • We enforce consumer rights, when necessary in court.
  • Our market monitoring serves as an early-warning mechanism for consumer problems in Germany.
  • We support the German consumer associations with information and training.
  • We are committed to improving consumer education and support teachers with our widely recognised “Materialkompass”.

We are tenacious and interventionist in our fight for: 

  • the right to safe and healthy products and services, 
  • effective protection against cheating, 
  • the right to information, 
  • the efficient provision of information and genuine freedom of choice, 
  • a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable economic framework.

In pursuit of these goals we endeavour to ensure that:

  • the concerns of consumers are made public, 
  • policy-makers create rules that ensure a fair and transparent market, 
  • policy deficits are exposed and identified and, if necessary, consumer rights are enforced in the courts, 
  • consumers are aware of their power and are able to assert it responsibly in their everyday consumption, 
  • the foundations for independent and competent consumer advice are guaranteed.

Our close collaboration with our member organizations means that we are constantly made aware of consumers’ most pressing current concerns – we know where the most immediate problems lie.

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Press Office

Our press office will be happy to assist you with media and other related enquiries, and can also arrange interviews with our experts.