Representing consumer interests

Representing consumer interests

The markets in which consumers have to make new decisions on a daily basis are becoming increasingly complex and confusing. We ensure that the interests and needs of consumers do not fall by the wayside in the dynamic interplay of supply and demand – whether in the financial market, energy market, healthcare market or the food market.

We are also actively engaging with the new technological and cultural challenges facing consumers. These include existential themes of climate change and resource scarcity as well as demographic changes and migration as well as the digitalization of the world with all its opportunities and risks.

Our alliance is able to draw on an invaluable store of knowledge about what is happening on the market. As a result we are able to offer informed advice to political decision-makers based on the expertise of our member organisations.

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Our press office will be happy to assist you with media and other related enquiries, and can also arrange interviews with our experts.